Apopka Flight Services


Jason Almeter CFI/CFII, MEI, AGI, Gold Seal

Jason is the owner and creator of Apopka Aviation & Flight Services. He started flying when he was 14 years old up in Rochester, NY and continues teaching not only how to fly but the excitement and love he has learned from aviation. Jason attended Florida Institute of Technology where he obtained his Bachelors in Aviation Management along with his commercial, multi-engine, and CFI licenses. Jason also obtained his CFII and MEI from Voyager Aviation where he part time instructed during college. After he graduated he moved to Apopka were he now resides flight instructing. Jason also teaches tail wheel transition, spin training, and basic aerobatics in several different aircraft.

Amon Modine CFI/CFII ("CJ")

Retired FDNY*EMS Paramedic 9/11 Veteran/Survivor now turned Flight Instructor Corporate Pilot. CJ also has hanger space available for those who are interested in hangering there aircraft at Orlando Apopka Airport. Contact CJ at (321)604-2438

CJ Modine

Michael Hollosy CFI/CFII, MEI
Mike is a flight instructor for Apopka Aviation.  Mike was born in Adrian, Michigan and came to Orlando, Florida to attend the University of Central Florida where he earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree.  After attending Medical School, Mike decided to change career paths because of his passion for flying.  He attended the Airline Transport Professionals in Daytona Beach, Florida where he obtained his commercial and MEI certifications.  When Mike is not flying, he enjoys fishing, running, and wrenching on cars.  Mike can be contacted at 352-789-1368.            

Mike Hollosy

Randi Schildkneckt CFI
Randi started flying when she was 17.  She attended Indiana State University and graduated with a BS in Professional Aviation Flight Technology.  While there, Randi received her commercial certificate with an instrument rating. After graduating,  she moved to the Florida
panhandle and did her multi-engine training at the local airport. She soon obtained a business degree, but realized aviation was her true passion.  Now residing in central Florida she became a CFI.

Carol Sugars CFI/CFII, MEI, Gold Seal
Originally from England but now a U.S. citizen, Carol has experience as an Air Ambulance Pilot, Charter Pilot, Flight Instructor and Airline Pilot. She holds FAA licenses for Ground and Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Engineer. With over 9000 hours of flight time she has flown many different types of aircraft all over the world, from light single engine to four engine heavy jets. In addition to her duties as Green Flight Chief Pilot she flies internationally for a major US airline and is an FAA Safety Team Representative. In 2007 Carol made the worlds first flight of a jet aircraft powered solely by a 100% renewable biofuel, and in 2008 completed the first US coast to coast jet flight using the same renewable fuel technology.

Carol Sugars

Jeff began his aviation career a commercial pilot and flight instructor in 1984. He is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor's degree in Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Business Administration. Jeff has experience flying Part 121 and 135 airlines, international and domestic, as well as air rescue and law enforcement operations.

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